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Gintama Anime / Gintama anime going into rerun mode in April
« Last post by AlgilarKnight on Today at 02:26:35 pm »

According to this, the coming announcement on the Gintama anime will be that it will be airing rerun episodes under the name Yorinuki Gintama.-san.

The new OP and ED we have heard about earlier will be for this.

While the Yorinuki label suggests this will be purely reruns, I am hoping it will be more like Enchousen, where they aired new episodes in-between the reruns. They could even take the opportunity to adapt the arcs they skippped last season.

Either way, this should be good news for people who have been worried that the anime would immediately adapt the Silver Soul arc. The arc is far from finished, so if they had jumped into it straight away, they might very well have caught up too quickly.
Spoiler Discussions / Re: Lesson 628 Spoilers
« Last post by Dark Zero on Today at 11:13:52 am »
Seems that they are tired as hell and the Yato were being prepared  to attack in that moment.... Who is their leader? Seems to be very but very smart. I am still thinking that is an old woman the one in charge here. Yato are not that smart in tactics after all...

BTW... Seems that the Shinsengumi is even tired, so... Who will help this time? Asaemon is the only left to show up.
Spoiler Discussions / Re: Lesson 628 Spoilers
« Last post by Anpanman on Today at 11:12:58 am »
Okay, Gintoki pulling a Ratatouille on Hedoro is something I did not see coming ;D

It looks as if the Yato are being more tactical in their approach. Rather than brute force their way like I expected (especially given how the Harusame Yatos operate) their being more efficient and have already kidnapped Gengai presumably to get the LA tech working again.

I hope Gengai pulls off something awesome :doubtful:
Spoiler Discussions / Lesson 628 Spoilers
« Last post by AlgilarKnight on Today at 09:54:10 am »
Spoiler raws are out for the full chapter already.

The defenders of Kabukicho seem to be discussing strategy and how they will continue to defend the city, while Gintoki walks around on Hedoro who has been decked out like a mecha. Hedoro has two flowers on his head and Gintoki seems to be using them to control him. Well this is until Hedoro accidentally throws Gintoki off.

Then he seems to awake in a bed among the injured. Shinpachi and Kagura both doze off and are put to sleep as well. Gintoki however seems to have a hard time sleeping, as Sacchan snuck inside his bed before getting kicked out, while Gedomaru stuffs a Pandemonium in his mouth. He tries to drink himself to sleep and wears a sleeping mask, but unfortunately leaves a bottle on the floor, which Tsukuyo slips on while some alcohol falls in her mouth. Now drunk, she pulls off his sleeping mask.

The chapter ends with Gengai having been captured by the Yato while he was out taking a shit.
This actually happened yesterday, but I was too lazy to write it down then. Anyway...

After a year plus of waiting, I finally got a new pair of glasses! I'm so happy to have them! :3
Gintama Anime / Re: Anime Song/BGM Help
« Last post by Ginsan konoyaro on Today at 04:49:33 am »
What is the name of song when Gintoki makes an appearance on Sadaharu in Umibozu arc when saving kagura, can any one tell me or when in 1st episode while introducing themselves to samurai's or when in episode trying to gain Nabe Shogun from Otose and dat cat
General Discussion / Re: The Happy birthday thread!!
« Last post by AL19 on Today at 12:39:53 am »
Happy birthday, Furinrizz! :)
Gintama Anime / Re: Gintama and Osomatsu-San
« Last post by Genesis7478 on March 22, 2017, 01:16:07 pm »
Oh ho? The comparison of characters in the first pic is actually pretty true.
Gintama Anime / Gintama and Osomatsu-San
« Last post by Gorilla Tama on March 22, 2017, 12:23:17 pm »
It's pretty cool how Gintama and Osomatsu-San have homaged each other, with each show having the same director Yoichi Fujita (and the same gag comedy scenario).

The Matsuno Brothers cameo in a soccer episode of Gintama where they play a soccer team.

There is a girl named Shaolin who appears in an episode of Osomatsu-san, who not only looks like Kagura but has her voice actor.

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