Last Updated: 12/10/2013


1. Respect your fellow members!

2. Please try to not forum-chat or spam. If you don't really have anything to say, it may just be better without.

3. No discussion of obtaining or posting of media, downloads, and/or torrents which heavily infringe on copyright. Examples are (and will moderated at our discretion):
  • IMAGES: No posting of (or linking to sites with) complete or near-complete scans of media with a substantial amount of pages (examples: chapters, tankoubon, guidebooks).
  • VIDEO/AUDIO: No posting of links or embeds of complete video/audio rips that are not authorized to be obtainable for free.
  • SPOILERS: Only text spoilers are allowed in spoiler threads. If you find scans, please refrain from posting/linking them and try to describe the content in your own words. On the official street date (usually Mondays, sometimes Saturdays), partials/panels are allowed at our discretion.
  • FANSUBS: We will not be supporting illegally fansubbed episodes/movies, so please don't link to them.

4. Feel free to link to sites if it will help you in your discussion (news articles, music artist homepages, etc), but otherwise except under special circumstances, posts that are made specifically for advertising or attracting users away from the forums may be modified or deleted. Use your profile for that, but also please don't register for the sake of quietly advertising and leaving forever.

5. There must be nothing obscene or inappropriate on the forums, including your profile. Gintama is a shonen manga, so we'd like to keep the forums suitable for a teen audience.

6. All Gintama manga-related discussion/content should stay in the Gintama Manga board until after the anime equivalent has aired.
  • Any chapter spoilers will not be allowed outside of its spoiler thread until the discussion thread is created at a reasonable time (ex. translation available) or the official street date passes.
  • Avatars that don't reveal story/plot situations are allowed. (ex. An image of Takasugi's next appearance is more heavy than Kagura with her hair down)
    • If you wish to, you can disable all avatars/signatures by Modifying your Profile and looking at "Look and Layout" options.

  • In the case of showing manga-based fanart in the Creativity board, please use the appropriate spoiler tags and text warnings.
  • As posting News can be difficult to work around, let's do our best.

7. One account per user.


1. If you need to add on to your post and no one has replied after you, use the Edit button on the top right corner of your message.

2. Keep an eye on the size of your signature. It shouldn't be so big (in dimension and size) that it becomes too distracting or difficult to load.

Relax, we want everyone to have fun!