Author Topic: Video Game Discussion Thread!  (Read 51665 times)

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Re: Video Game Discussion Thread!
« Reply #570 on: January 24, 2017, 01:02:49 pm »
Yakuza 0 comes out today in the west. Was able to beat Yakuza 5, and am on the final Fire Emblem Fates route. FFXV disappointed me from a story standpoint but the gameplay I thought was good.

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Re: Video Game Discussion Thread!
« Reply #571 on: January 24, 2017, 04:39:40 pm »
Yakuza 0 is definitely a more value for money game especially compared to FFXV. On top of the game itself having a lot more integrity (no pre order DLC and the game being actually complete despite a 2 year development cycle), the story is far better told without the need for supplementary materials like a movie or anime to get you to understand what's going on. Level design prioritizes density over lifeless size. Characters are better voice acted and aren't blatant anime stereotypes. Combat doesn't become stupidly messy whenever too many enemies appear. I highly recommend Yakuza 0 O0

If I had to choose between Yakuza 0 and Tales of Berseries, the answer is obviously going to be Yakuza 0. I'd rather get a well-written, mature toned game with a combat that looks and feels badass over a generic anime JRPG with a naive tone (also, Tales of Berseria's plot and characters being a blatant rip off of Berserk as pointed out here)

Its also great to see Yakuza 0 get a lot more love and attention in the mainstream. The Yakuza series needs to be more known :happy:
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